Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Its great, very helpful..

Its great, very helpful..

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Custom Lowriders Take The Cycling World By Storm

By Alastair Hamilton

The lowrider bicycle is all about making a fashion statement. A statement of personality.

The lowrider bike is also known as a "Chopper" or "Muscle Bike." It's just about the most distinctive bike out there - no so much because of the design, although that's eye-catching enough, but also because of what the owners do to their bikes once they get them.

What does a lowrider look like? Picture a Harley Davidson motorcycle, then take away the motor. The handgrips of the lowrider are the highest part of the bike, and the seat of the bike is down at wheel level. Sometimes the pedals are higher than the seats!

Lowriding first became popular among the Chicano American community, but now their popularity has spilled over into most urban areas. Dozens of lowriding clubs have been formed. Lowriders also refer to cars (which also started out in the Chicano American community) and there are lots of contents between car enthusiasts to see who has created the best ride. Competitions for lowrider bikers will surely not be far behind.

Once you've got a lowrider you've got to give it a custom paint job - from handpainted murals to all kinds of color schemes. Whitewall tires, custom upholstery, chrome rims...the whole range of exotic accessories lies before the new lowrider owner. Each lowrider is a unique piece of art - that's part of its appeal.

Aztlan, located in Chino Hills, California, is the number one lowrider bike manufacturer in the world, and if you check out their website you'll see the full range of lowriders available - before you get them home and start working on them so that they reflect your personality.

The Aztlan Lowrider Cruiser retails for $120, and consists of the lowrider frame, and wheels, a bent spring fork, bent sissy bar, and the banana seat. You can add a bullet light to that so you can ride it at night.

Then there's the Aztlan Gold Continental Lowrider, that comes with a gold flat twisted continental kit with chrome classic wheel, two gold mirrors, a gold bumper, and a gold bullet light. This retails for $260.

Among other styles Aztlan offers is the Birdcage custom - consists of the lowrider frmae, straight spoke wheels, a bent spring fork and sissy bar, banana seat, and a birdcage handlebar, seat post, birdcage pedals and nut covers, and a duck tail fender! This retails for $339.95!

Another company is the Mega Lowrider, located in San Diego. In addition to the bikes they offer all kinds of accessories, such as a heart-shaped steering wheel, upholstery such as velour grip and pedal covers, and bolt-on items like dice, skulls, or 8-balls!

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